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Sophia Brand has secured a spot in the TOP10 list on VOGUE as one of the most exciting jewellery designers in the Nordics at the moment! The collection titled "Human Butterfly," showcasing long dangling earrings with butterfly wings, a necklace, and a ring made of silver with gold plating.

Moreover, did you know that within the butterfly's wings, the profiles of a boy and a girl are ingeniously hidden? For further details on the inspiration behind this jewellery design, please visit our website.



Sophia Brand was also featured in VOGUE after the American Music Awards, where Lil Nas X wore custom handmade earrings by Sophia.

"To give his ensemble even more kick, the rapper then finished it off with bright square-toe heels by United Nude and dainty jewelry by Sophia Brand. Consider him the night’s most successful risk taker" 

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